Day One at Sundance

Linda & Harriett
January 22, 2010 • 4 comments

Day One at Sundance was less glamorous than "Day One at Sundance" sounds. Mostly because we were on the go since 7am and it went a little something like this: Pier 1, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, ironed, phone with Budget for an hour, re-routed to automated customer service twice, exchanged our rental car for one that has a trunk that closes, loaded car, unloaded car, mexican take out, assembled gift bags, tv, bed.

Hoping for a little more excitement on Day Two today, the first day of the event. Otherwise, I'm really going to bore you:)

[photos above, top to bottom: me ironing our table linen, gourmet gum drops from Whole Foods (amazing!), singage for the style lounge taken from our invitation, and Main Street just as the sun went down]


Linda & Harriett
January 22 2010

i am way jealous. i'd love to go, but my husband says we're not cool enough. haha

January 22 2010

Woohoo! Love that signage & can't wait to hear all abotu it!

February 01 2010

what beautiful gumdrops!

January 23 2010

Have a great time! I'm glad that you got a different car. Whew. It snows there.

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