Snow Day!

Linda & Harriett
February 11, 2010 • 3 comments

I woke up to heaps of snow outside our window yesterday morning. If it's going to be cold, it might as well be snowing. It is so beautiful. For at least a day, that is. After that, it gets pretty nasty. The clean snow turns to dirty slush, the street drains clog, the corners become icy swimming pools. But yesterday was beautiful.

John's work closed early yesterday, so when he got home, we clicked into our x-country skis right outside our doorstep and skied whole way to Prospect Park - about a mile - on the sidewalk & in the street. It was amazing. We got some looks & some smiles. But I didn't care. We were skiing in the street! Once we got to the park, it was a winter wonderland of people off of work - sledding, skiing, walking, building snowmen. It was magical. And the best Wednesday I've ever had.

And above, Prospect Park this morning - still very snowy, snowmen still standing, sun shining. I hope it lasts.


Linda & Harriett
February 11 2010

Looks magical. I wish I could ditch work to play in the snow!

February 11 2010

How awesome, Liz! I would have smiled at you guys.

February 11 2010

Looks like so much fun!!! Great pictures.

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