I have definitely asked this question on here before, so I apologize for the redundancy, but it's too fun a game not to bring up more than once: What do you want to be when you grow up? Or get to 30? or 40? Or if you could change career paths tomorrow? Or what would you do if you had a year off? or if you had no expenses? It's one of my favorite things to ask people because you get some great answers & I think really get to the heart of what they love. And when you're doing what you love, you're not only doing yourself right, but you're really contributing to your community and your local & national economy in the best & most efficient way. Because different interests and ideas and passions is really what makes the world go round. Don't you think? I do:)

I'll step down from the Life Coach Stage, now. I got my Tasting Table email yesterday & was introduced to Milk Made, a NYC-based ice cream delivery service started by Diana Hardeman, that makes unique flavors from local ingredients. Hello, genius! And hello, my alternate career path! I die for ice cream. It's the one sweet I can never turn down, even on cold January nights. Bryers Vanilla Bean or Mint Chip are grocery store pick-up staples. In my home state of PA, it's Turkey Hill's Phillies Graham Slam. When I want to treat myself or dinner guests, it's Brooklyn Larder's Almond Gelato. But what makes Milk Made so super genius & special is 1) the never-duplicated, locally-sourced flavors, and 2) it's delivered to your door. April's flavors are Mint Chocolate Brownie and Honey Lavender Granola (and the granola is by Early Bird - the best granola out there!). I mean...

Fingers crossed they make their way to my Brooklyn nabe by summer! Look up their NYC delivery zones here for you or a friend. (What a great gift!) And check out Milk Made in action on their Red Velvet Madness here. Is it time for a snack break yet?

[images courtesy of Milk Made]


Linda & Harriett
April 29 2010

Liz, I am so with you about ice cream. It's like Ben & Jerry have met their match with me. This brand/service looks delightful. If I could change jobs tomorrow, I would write for either GQ or Real Simple…or both.

April 29 2010

I soooo thought of you when I read this yesterday :)

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Linda & Harriett

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