We're debuting a new product at the NSS in a couple weeks, and I'm so excited to share its very first peek! Can you guess what it is? Hint: there are multiple pieces involved, including these two above. And you will write on it, but never send it.

I'll give you the answer, along with another peek, on Monday.

Happy Weekend!


Linda & Harriett
April 30 2010

I know I know and I CAN'T wait for mine!!Another hint: A great gift you can give all year round!

April 30 2010

YAY!!! Since I already know what this is…I'm SO excited to see a sneak peek. Goes straight onto my wishlist!

Katie Hunt // Kelp Designs
April 30 2010

calendar? Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you at NSS again this year! We're in 1563 this year, but will stop by and say hi! – Katie

May 01 2010

I have a good guess. :) And I'm very excited about it!

Lucky D
April 30 2010

Oh I can't wait for it!! I have a spot picked out on my wall, just above my bulldog beer opener, and under my smoking frenchie…

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Linda & Harriett

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