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Linda & Harriett
June 07, 2010 • 6 comments

It's official - the Birthday Calendar is now up in the shop! I've been dying to share it with you. Do you even know what a Birthday Calendar is? I was surprised to hear some people at the NSS not know what they are. Some people call it a perpetual calendar. With 18 pieces & nephews' birthdays to remember, it's definitely a birthday calendar to me. I've had one (an ugly one) on my wall for years & decided it was time to make my own. Check it out here.


Linda & Harriett
June 07 2010

it's beautiful! can't wait to order one and ooh and aah over the colors!

June 08 2010

GORGEOUS! Love the color, design, & the way it would (will!) be tied in to my daily life! :-) P.S. Congrats on your pregnancy!

June 08 2010

yours is way cute. I need to make a new one. I combined mine with anniversarys and needless to say many of the people on there are no longer together, bummer.

June 08 2010

SO exciting, Liz! As usual, this is another L&H masterpiece. :)

Karissa Jade Ferguson
April 07 2011

Got mine in the mail yesterday! I love it! I also got the birthday cards which are also wonderful. I was sad to see though that they were part of the outlet show and now I don't see many cards on your site right now. Definitely looking forward to seeing more!

June 08 2010

Beautiful! I just adore the August design.

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