My niece & I went to pick up some stamps yesterday that she had designed. I hadn't seen "my stamp guy" in a long time. I used to see him every week when I was doing a lot of stamp work. At times, I went through stretches of seeing him every other day. I've always kept him under wraps because I got the feeling (and he even told me one time) that he wanted to keep it that way. But yesterday when we showed up & caught up for a bit, he told me about this feature that The Bride's Guide did on him & his business back in April. Editor Shira Savada calls him a "secret weapon" to Martha Stewart Weddings. I think many people would agree, including me. But now that Martha has put it out there, I can too:) If you're in the market for custom stamps, Donald is your guy. In addition to making great stamps, he happens to be a very nice person.

Read the Bride's Guide Q&A with Donald here.

And for stamp inquires, email him at or give him a call at (800) 998.7826. See more of Donald's work here.

[image courtesy of The Bride's Guide]


Linda & Harriett
June 18 2010

Ok. So maybe I read/commented too soon on the post after this one. Did this person make the eyeglasses stamp?

Liz Libré
June 19 2010

Hi Tommy!Christina drew those glasses & we had them made into a stamp. Want me to ask her if we could make one for you?They're great huh?Liz

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Linda & Harriett

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