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Linda & Harriett
July 01, 2010 • 2 comments

I've decided to make the curtains for the baby's room - which might just be one big excuse to buy Liberty of London fabric, and I'm fine with that. We aren't finding out the baby's sex, but I'm sticking with blue hues - mostly because the room is already painted a nice shade of grayish-blue, which I love, and also because I don't want green or yellow. I love the turtle pattern on the right, but perhaps the softer pattern on the left is better. Maybe I'll just get a yard of the turtle pattern instead - enough to make a little baby pillow. See? Excuses. Whatever, I'm getting the turtles!


Linda & Harriett
katy elliott
July 02 2010

Do both. Love the one on the left for curtains! The turtles would make a super cute skirt for a crib or pillows for a chair!

July 01 2010

I totally did not see turtles at first. I thought it was like a small grape hyacinth print or some type of botanical. Maybe it was my angle? :) Either way, I love these.

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