Because John is Swedish & is going to teach our little one how to speak the language, I've been drawn to Swedish design & culture more than ever. (I even chimed in to sing Happy Birthday in Swedish to our friend last week. Big step!) I came across these little booties on Swedishness over the weekend & my heart melted. I know its whole little body will be teeny tiny, but for some reason, the itty bitty feet & things to cover them really get me.
[photos courtesy of Swedishness]


Linda & Harriett
July 26 2010

I love those!

July 26 2010

I love that website! And am going to send this post to my family since we are swedish too. Thanks for sharing!

July 27 2010

Goodness, I want these!

July 26 2010

These are just about the cutest things I've ever seen.

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Linda & Harriett

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