I've been thinking a lot about what to do with the blog when the baby arrives - when I'm on no sleep, when someone needs undivided attention every 2-3 hours, when showering becomes optional. If I'm going to blog in the first month (or even first couple months), it's got to be in the interest of time. And I thought it might be fun to post iphone pics - quick shots of what's going on behind the scenes (not too far behind the scenes!), letting the images more or less speak for themselves. I'm giving it a first go here, unplanned, with this little week in review:

Top to bottom:
- Paint chips for the bathroom. It's dark blue now & is too dark for me. Need it brighter & lighter.
- Bottle stoppers from Jonathan Adler at the NYIGF.
- And we picked up our stroller this week! A gift from my in-laws. So pretty & fancy! (Kingsley in the background - feeling left out already:(

Hope you guys enjoy. We'll see how it goes!


Linda & Harriett
August 19 2010

We picked out our paint color last night and it looks very similar to the top paint swatch you have :) It's called iced mint. Should be fun and I love that I have an excuse not to help paint.

August 19 2010

Thats a great idea! I am due Sept. 17th & am just going on blog vaca for a while. Good luck with your last minute preparations for this little one.

August 19 2010

I love the idea. Good luck on the paint color. Finding the exact shade you want can be tricky sometimes.

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Linda & Harriett

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