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Linda & Harriett
November 05, 2010 • 5 comments

So I won't pretend to actually be at Liz's creative epicenter in Brooklyn, but when I received the coolest most prettiest Paperless Post in the whole wide world I realized - Duh ! - I hadn't even looked at the Linda & Harriett array on the classiest way to send an invite sans postage stamp website. Drool inducing. I'm glad I don't have anywhere to invite people right now because I don't know how I would choose. They're like commissioning Liz to make you the chicest letterpress invites ever, but they're instantaneous and the cost of the e-stamp. Start party planning this weekend kids, these won't be around forever + you probably need them to up your good taste party planning ranking.


Linda & Harriett
November 05 2010

The look great!

November 05 2010

Obsessed! Was just looking at these the other day for Betsy Walsh's bday at our place (essentially copying the party you threw there!) and didn't realize they were L&H.

November 06 2010

Well if you use L&H clearly Betsy will get a cooler invite than Katie + Ben did :). I'm jealous ! I wanna come back !

November 12 2010

these are so gorgeous! i especially love the one with little yellow party hats!

November 12 2010

These are SO beautiful!

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