Linda & Harriett
January 25 2011

The Mister is Perfect.

lyndsey | paper girl
January 25 2011

omg, so cute! love all his hair and that little elephant shirt too :)

January 25 2011

SOOO CUTE!!! Griffin just put a big smile on my face :)

January 25 2011

He's SO cute, Liz! Hope I get to meet this little guy next time I'm in NYC!

January 31 2011

What a gorgeous little man! Such a sweet

Liz Libré
January 26 2011

Thanks you guys!! The best part of this elephant shirt is that it says "I love Mummy." My sister bought it at the Baby Gap UK. So cute huh? :)Liz

January 25 2011

What an awesome little guy! I love the elephant shirt, too.

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