We took Griffin to PA last weekend to be baptized, along with his youngest cousin. This shot above shows my favorite part of the ceremony - when the priest raised Griffin up and said, "I present Griffin" with applause from the entire congregation. It was such a special moment.

So yes, his pants are unbuttoned. He's a hefty little fellow, and Mama was trying to give him some breathing room in his fancy seersucker slacks. I'd like to think he didn't cry because he was comfortable:)

I'll share a few more pics next week. Have a great weekend, everyone.

(Thanks for the great shot, C!)


Linda & Harriett
June 19 2011

That is just precious. Congratulations. :)

June 17 2011

eeep! cute fat baby!!!

rikshaw design
July 03 2011

that is so adorable!

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Linda & Harriett

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