Paper Quilt #1

Linda & Harriett
September 28, 2011 • 13 comments
I've always loved quilts. I had one on my bed growing up that was from my mom's family & now have & treasure in my own home. I have a couple small ones framed from a dear friend & quilter, who also made one for Griffin. I love them on the walls, on the bed, on a side chair. Anywhere. I just love the way the patterns come together. So when our misprint bins (our big collection of unsellable paper) starting filling up, I started thinking about what to do with all that paper. We've made flower pins, tags, little book covers, sold them during Craft Bin Sales, & use them for writing thank you notes that we include in every order. Then I got an idea for paper quilts, as I call them, last summer. I've been thinking about, talking about, planning & swatch-prepping these quilts ever since.
Today, I'm very pleased to introduce to you one of my first finished & framed paper quilts made from this unsellable paper: The Seaside Quilt. It's got whales & sailfish from the 2012 Calendar, Blue Zig Zags from 2008, and Sailboat Flats from 2010. The quilt would not be complete without a proper home - a gorgeous walnut frame, custom-made from Bellboy - a good friend & Brooklyn-based woodworker.

It's always a little scary putting something new out there. Something you dream up in your head to be great. And when it's all said & done, you love it. It's exactly what you imagined. But will other people resonate with it as I do? (It's sort of how I feel going into the Stationery Show every year.)

I've got one more framed quilt that I'll show you later this week, as well as a finished but unframed "Baby Quilt" I did for Griffin. Not your traditional baby quilt, that is for sure. So stay tuned. And... do you like?? I'd love to hear what you think!


Linda & Harriett
Liz Libré
September 28 2011

Thanks, ann's daughter!! And yes, probably pet friendly – hadn't thought of that:)

ann's daughter
September 28 2011

It's so charming, and it's such a great idea! It feels just as spersonal as making a fabric quilt, and is less likely to be destroyed by a cat. Thanks for sharing!

September 28 2011

Think it is such a good idea and you can be so creative, with quilts its all about you and what you see. Good work and can't wait to see the one you made GriffinLove Ya A.Lorraie

September 28 2011

Love it!

September 29 2011

You are amazing. your creativity is endless. I loved the way you used the patterns and then framed it the way you did. xoxxo

September 29 2011

Love it! And, I can't wait to see it in person this afternoon. Janet is counting the minutes until she gets to play with Griff!

September 28 2011


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October 03 2011


October 01 2011

i love it! i think quilts are so beautiful! i got a sewing machine for my birthday and my first project is going to be a quilt. the best part was going and picking out the fabric and imagining how it will all go together.

January 17 2012

An innovative twist on traditional art of quilting with fabric….Thanks for sharing! Intrigued to see more…. =]

Josephine Cox
January 17 2012

Wow so talented, thanks for sharing.

October 17 2011

oh my. this is stunning. i absolutely love this idea (especially because i'm in love with quilts, but cannot sew worth a darn).. thank you for inspiring us.p.s. i am in love with your work for minted. nice job!

January 18 2012

Great idea! I would love to read a tutorial of how you made this (is it just pieced or "quilted" with a machine?)

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