It's a very exciting thing to have interest from an Anthropologie buyer - or any buyer of a establishment where you actually shop, not to mention one you admire & feel inspired by. I remember going to the flagship store in my hometown of Philadelphia when I was in middle school and thinking, knowing, that they had the coolest stuff I'd ever seen. And I still think that. So, it's a real honor for me to now have our Birthday Calendar in Anthropologie. I just noticed that it's up online and should be in stores now, too. (Think it's time for a field trip. I mean business trip. Definitely business.) I like what they said in their description of the calendar online: "We think every day should be a celebration." You said it!
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Linda & Harriett
November 03 2011

how cute is this one … just perfect! love the little and beautiful illustrations on it! x

November 03 2011

Way to go!

rikshaw design
November 03 2011

congrats! so great!

November 03 2011

That is so exciting! Congrats!

Nicole Miazgowicz
November 06 2011

Saw them in the Chelsea Market Anthropologie yesterday:)

Beth J.
November 03 2011

So Exciting!!! I love mine.

Simone Anne
November 15 2011

That is so exciting! Congratulations!

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Linda & Harriett

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