Let me start off by thanking everyone who participated in the Paper Quilt Contest. I was so surprised by how many people signed up & have loved seeing all the quilts come in over the past week. This has been one of most fun things I've ever done at L&H, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Each of you inspires me. 
Choosing winners was not easy, let me tell you. I consider all of these to be works of art, so it seems a little strange to be judging them. But, this is a contest, so there have to be winners, even if they are chosen by me, without any real barometer of qualifications. Just one person's gut.
So without further ado: the grand prize winner is... Shannon! (quilt above & below) I love her selective use of color & well thought-out pattern. In using triangles to create the square shapes, she was able to gain more surface area of color, and therefore a more obvious pattern comes through. Well done & congrats, Shannon! 
Next, I chose three amazing paper quilts as Runner Ups in the contest, of which the creators will each receive the choice of a Birthday Calendar or the 2013 Letterpress Calendar.
Jen's quilt (above) is gorgeous & adds a three dimensional element with the folded edges. She punched the provided card stock to create a tactile lace effect. I love that she kept the colors minimal, allowing the texture to really shine. 
I love the graphic quality in Esther's quilt (above). I applaud her for only using one card colorway and allowing the white card stock to take the lead as the main graphic.
I love the simplicity and color of Jennifer's quilt (above). The lone star is a traditional quilt design, but done in these colors & tones keeps it feeling current, which I love.
And because there were a handful of quilts that deserved a shout out, we have the following Honorable Mention Picks, of which the creators will each receive a pack of our new quilt note cards.
I love Jamaica's minimal use of color & pop of neon,

that Marisol used the back of the post cards,
and Nancy's unique patterning & layering.
I am impressed by Sarah's cutting technique & folksy feeling quilt,


and was blown away with the sewing detail in Ann's quilt.
And in no particular order, all the pretty (and pretty intricate) paper quilts:
Quilts, above, by:
(from top to bottom, left to right)
Beth, SL, Lauren
Diana, Ilene (and her adorable daughter), Meaghan
J.R. White, Kaitlin, Katie

Amy, Andrea, Janice
Anna, Ariel, Julie
Ashby, Barbara, Kathy

Marcantonio, Nuri, Sarah 
Molly, Natalie Navales, Stephanie
Jessica, Cassandra, Rosemary

Thank you again to everyone who submitted a paper quilt! This was too much fun to only do once. So stay tuned!


Linda & Harriett
May 31 2012

The winners are absolutely gorgeous! I love them all, thank you so much for the opportunity Liz!

May 31 2012

Shannon's quilt is fantastic! The triangles are brilliant, you almost can't tell the blue pattern is made from the tree trunk design. Well deserved!

May 31 2012

Jen's quilt it's wonderful but the Shannon's one it's amazing too.I am pleased for having participated.

May 31 2012

Wow these are stunning!

June 01 2012

These are all so amazing to see! Thank you Liz for sponsoring this great contest!

May 31 2012

Nice job, everyone!

May 31 2012

gosh these are amazingly beautiful! so much work. THanks for sharing. lovTwww.ladychatterleysaffair.com

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July 27 2012

These are absolutely stunning!Amazing color patterns!Love the works!Thanks for sharing!

June 03 2012

What an amazing contest! And such wonderful entries. I wish I had learned about it in time to have entered. Hopefully you run one again!

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