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Linda & Harriett
May 29, 2013 • 2 comments
We recently started a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. (No, it's not all numbers all the time. And while I do quite like their Small Business section, I will admit that the Personal Journal is my favorite.) There is a great column in the WSJ Magazine called The Columnists, where they ask several professionals to weigh in on the week's topic. Last week, the topic was Intuition. You can read all the responses here, including a good one from Questlove. My favorite response was from Francis Cholle, whose response I've shown above. 
I've been a big follower of my gut for as long as I can remember - sometimes with wide eyes - like when I quit my ad agency job because no one around me was happy, and my dad thought I was bananas. Or when I signed up for the National Stationery Show for the first time and at the last minute with just six note card designs. Or last year, when I debuted an enormous wall calendar that doubled as artwork. Things don't always work out when you use your gut as your compass, of course, but it seems as though the odds are at least always in my favor. This week's WSJ piece on intuition reminded me how important that inner voice is. And it comes at an opportune time, as I navigate mothering two little ones while also trying to kick things up at L&H - and maybe in ways that seem unusual for what has primarily been a paper goods company. But sometimes, you just have to go for it, right?!  


Linda & Harriett
May 30 2013

I love this. If I had listened to my gut (istead of everyone around me) I probably wouldn't have left my firm for an in-house position. Where did that get me? Leaving my in-house job and returning to the firm 1.5 years later….

May 31 2013

Do it.

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