Three Stationery Scents That Will Make Your Desk Smell Heavenly

Are you looking for a new stationery scent? There are a few options that will make your desk smell heavenly! Here are three: Watermelon, Tangy, and Summer. Let us help you choose! Read on to learn more about these unique scents. We’ll also tell you how to use these scents on your desk! You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Here’s how to make them work for you!


A favorite fruit smell has made its way to stationery, and now you can enjoy it too. From pencils to erasers, you can now use stationery scented with watermelon! The scent is sweet and refreshing, making lists and homework fun. This delightful scent is also great for classroom rewards. Watermelon stationery products include:


If you’re looking to add a scent to your stationery, you can easily add your own essential oil to it! You can choose a scent you like and add several drops to a cotton ball, spaced evenly along the bottom of a tupperware container. Next, cover the stationery with a piece of cardstock and wait 24 hours. If you’d like to add even more scent to your stationery, you can add more drops of oil to the cotton pad.

The Coastal Escape fragrance is meant to be used during the warmer months. It will remind you of shimmering sand and white beach towels. It will also remind you of a fresh linen or beach towel. The scent of this fragrance is primarily bergamot and lemon with a touch of grapefruit-infused pomelo. This citrus scent is followed by an aromatic mix of sugary muguet, bitter neroli, and exotic jasmine. The fragrance is then rounded off by a base of luxurious vanilla and a velvety Tonka bean.


When it comes to fragrances for stationery, summer is the time of year to think about upgrading your scent. Choose one that’s gender neutral and evokes the warmth of balmy summer evenings. This perfume includes notes of amber and warm vanilla, and the musky aroma of spruce trees. This fragrance will help you relax in the summer heat and is playful, too. Here are a few scents to consider when choosing a fragrance for stationery.

The Summer scent for stationery is the most popular scent of all. A spritz of it is guaranteed to give you a lift. This scent is a must for the warm summer days ahead, and it is a perfect choice for both men and women. It’s fresh and energizing, making it the perfect choice for your office or home. It’s also easy to layer with other scents for a more subtle look.