Three Trusted Stationery Brands

Faber Castell is a well-known stationery brand that has been around since 1557. Its paper is highly regarded by calligraphy writers and art enthusiasts. Faber Castell also produces a wide range of notepads and pencils. It is a French manufacturer and is represented worldwide. The brand is popular with artists, hobbyists, and craftspeople. In fact, it is one of the most trusted stationery brands.

Faber Castell

For over 40 years, Faber-Castell has been making high-quality stationery for both children and adults. The company is now a leader in office supplies and school supplies, and it continues to invest in innovation and quality control. The brand also employs more than 8,000 people around the world, with 16 production facilities in ten countries and 22 sales organizations. Among its most popular products are pencils, pens, and rulers.

Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the oldest stationery companies in the world. The company’s products are made from high-quality materials and follow strict standards. The company also produces art supplies, office supplies, and high-end writing instruments. Its products are known for their quality, as well as their innovative design. In addition to quality, the brand is committed to sustainability and tradition.

Today, Faber-Castell is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. Since 2014, the company has been a carbon-neutral stationery manufacturer. It also aims to further enhance sustainable practices through new product innovations. For instance, the brand uses wood from its own farms to create its products. In addition, the company has a clear roadmap for reducing its use of plastic.

Faber-Castell has a rich history. It began as a family business, and was founded by Lothar’s granddaughter. Today, the company manufactures high-quality writing instruments and luxury leather goods. Its headquarters are in Stein, Germany. With 14 production facilities and 20 sales units, Faber-Castell employs over 7,000 people and has international operations in over 100 countries.


Smythson is a famous British stationery brand, founded in 1887. The British royal family uses Smythson stationery, and their bespoke designs are highly sought after. They manufacture leather goods as well as pocket-sized notebooks and luxury leather stationery cases. They also provide stationery for the world’s most famous celebrities. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, or a personal favourite, Smythson will meet your needs.

The Smythson Panama Diary is one of the most iconic products in the company’s catalogue. It features beautiful, functional design and excellent quality. Every item in the line is made in Britain by skilled craftsmen and women using 100-year-old machinery. The gilded edges and blue Featherweight paper are signature features of Smythson products. Whether you’re looking for a new diary, a pen or a notebook, Smythson is the brand for you.

Founded in 1887, Smythson has a rich history in leather goods. Queen Victoria commissioned Smythson to create luxury articles for her Royal residences. The company has three Royal Warrants. Famous customers include Katharine Hepburn, Sir Winston Churchill, and Sigmund Freud. The company is known for its attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship.

Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping is a stationery brand with a difference: it sources its products from small, artisanal suppliers. The company focuses on quality, and offers products from Italy and Japan. Their products include writing paper with gold nibs, hand-cut leather goods, and Tuscan watercolours. The brand is known for its ethos of ‘keeping things’, and is a great place to look for something special for your next stationary gift.

Having Keeping opened in Hackney, just behind the world-famous flower market, in 2012. The company wanted to create a unique store experience, so it decorated its store with rugs and set up desks with pens and papers. The brand also sells stationery online. The brand offers a variety of unique and stylish stationery, including notepads and paper clips. There are also several collections of handmade stationery in the shop, including leather notebooks and gift wrap.

Choosing Keeping stationery brands are carefully chosen to fit the aesthetic of the shop. They have an authentic, specialist feel, and the stationery is beautifully displayed in vases and ceramic pots. Some items are even made by hand, so that every item is an object of art in its own right. Even the price tags are handwritten and unique, which adds to the charm. This is a great place to buy stationery, and Choosing Keeping makes it easy.

Choosing Keeping also sells mini cards. These are a great way to send a ‘little’ note to a special person. You can also place little gifts or trinkets inside them. The company is particularly proud of its new range of mini cards, which feature a colourful range of flowers. The brand also offers gift-wrapping service for all occasions. The Choosing Keeping brand is located in Covent Garden, London, and ships worldwide.

Paperless Post

If you’re looking for a stationery brand, you can’t go past Paperless Post. They’ve been around for over 100 years and are a trusted name in the stationery industry. Their products include everything from birthday invitations to wedding cards. But what sets them apart from other brands is their commitment to quality and a customer experience that’s second to none. Here are three reasons to make Paperless Post your stationery brand of choice.

First of all, Paperless Post is committed to respecting your privacy. This means that if you are under 13, Paperless Post will not collect any information from you. They will also not send you an invitation unless you register with them. And once you register with them, you’ll be able to send invitations through their website and create links to distribute them outside the Site. You can also track response rates, send follow-up messages, and manage events right from the Site.

If you’re looking for stationery that is a cut above the rest, Paperless Post offers high-quality, reliable products. Their high-end stationery is made by designers who’ve forged relationships with the company’s founder. Some of these designers include Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Derek Blasberg. You can create your own cards right from their website, then send them through traditional mail or the web.

Another reason why Paperless Post is a trusted stationery maker is because of its customer service. Their customer service team is responsive and courteous. They are dedicated to ensuring that customers are satisfied with their products. The company is able to meet all the deadlines that customers set. Whether you’re sending cards to a friend or family member, Paperless Post can help you make the perfect gift. The company also offers a wide variety of customizable stationery for all occasions.


Apsara pencils are famous for their quality, smoothness, and rich appearance. The pencils are made of premium quality wood with a firm graphite base, and they come in a variety of different colors. The 0.5mm lead size makes them perfect for specialised compositions. Unlike most pencils that have a glossy finish, Apsara pencils have a matte finish.

The Hindustan Pencil Company was established in 1958 in Mumbai, India, and it also produces the Apsara brand of pencils. It is known for producing high-quality graphite and special bonded lead. The company has a dual-brand strategy, offering affordable pencils and more expensive ones. This strategy enables it to cover different consumer segments. Hindustan Pencils is one of the largest manufacturers of writing instruments in India, and it is also one of the most trusted stationery brands in India.